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“The Yellow Canary Sandwich Shop”

In Drama on April 29, 2011 at 10:24 pm

Cast of Characters

JUDY, a 44 year old disillusioned wife, reporting for her first day of work as a waitress

PEARL, the proprietor of the diner Judy is working in, a 67 year old woman

CHRISSY, 30, another waitress

ED, a regular customer

BOB, Judy’s husband

CECILE, Bob’s much younger, secret girlfriend


One act play that takes place over one afternoon, in the present day, in a diner called the Yellow Canary Sandwich Shop.




At Rise:

(The interior of a small diner that has a long counter with stools near the entrance.  More tables are visible behind a mesh screen at center stage.  CHRISSY is wiping down countertops, and PEARL is pouring coffee for ED, who is sitting at the counter reading a newspaper when JUDY arrives.)


                   (Looks up as JUDY enters, wearing a mauve uniform dress and white tennis shoes identical to those worn by CHRISSY and PEARL)

Hello again, Judy.  Come in and Chrissy will show you where you can put your bag.

(CHRISSY moves toward JUDY and gestures toward a space behind the counter, PEARL exits)


Hi, I’m Chrissy.  Yeah, just anywhere down there is fine.  You waited tables before?


Well, yes I have, but it’s been a while.  My last job was as a waitress. (Pause)  That was in ’86.


We need to roll silverware before the lunch rush.  Here, you carry these and I’ll go get some napkins.

(JUDY takes the silverware bin and sits at the near end of the counter; CHRISSY joins her with the napkins a moment later)

You haven’t worked since 1986?  Why now?


Just decided I wanted to have my own money, that’s all.


(Points at JUDY’s wedding band)

Your husband stingy?


There’s a sweet boy that lives on our street.  (Pause)  He graduates from high school this year, and I want to send him on a trip somewhere.  He’s such a nice young —


Is he kin to you?  Shouldn’t his family get stuck with that bill?  Did you babysit him as a baby, or what?


(JUDY giggles at this comment, and becomes visibly nervous.  ED puts down his paper, interested in how JUDY will answer)

No.  I never knew him as a child.  They only moved to our street last fall.  He really is a wonderful boy…


Uh-huh.  (Pause)  Well, want a tour of the kitchen?  Come on, I’ll show you the basics before we get busy.  You really lucked out, you know, getting a job here after being out of the loop for so long.  It’s a pretty basic place.  Easy to find things.

(JUDY and CHRISSY stand up together.  CHRISSY places the rolled    silverware in a bin behind the counter.  Lights fade)





At Rise:

(Lights go up, ED is still seated at the counter, now eating his breakfast.  JUDY and CHRISSY are returning from their tour, moving downstage through a doorway in the mesh screen as a family approaches the entrance)


So that’s where you get the mayo and mustard.  Sometimes people want ketchup, or worse, horseradish.  Then you have to go spoon it out of the tubs in the walk-in I showed you.  You’ll get behind a lot running back here for that stuff.  I told Pearl we ought to keep this stuff in the front, but she never budges –


People are coming in.

(JUDY points at the entrance)


Alright, I’ll take these so I can show you how to fill out a ticket and turn it in.  I’ll be back in a minute with their order.

(CHRISSY passes through the doorway leading to the dining area.  ED raises his his coffee cup)


Miss Judy, would you mind?  It’s regular.  I see that you’re married.



(Pours coffee)

Yeah I’m married.  You?


Thank you.  I hope to be someday when I’m older.



That’s funny; I hope to be single again someday when I’m younger.


Aw, is it that bad?  (Pause) Is there another woman?


No, it’s not that bad.  Just empty.  But I’m a lot like you.


How so?


I still want to be in love, too.

(Leans in close to ED and whispers)

That’s why I’ve decided to leave my husband.  That’s why I’m working.  Today’s the first day of my new life.


I bet your husband will miss you sorely.  What’s his name?


(BOB and CECILE are approaching the entrance, and CHRISSY is returning from the dining area.  JUDY watches in disbelief, no longer paying attention to ED)


(CHRISSY approaches JUDY)


You ok?


(Pause) No.  I’m sorry.  I can’t work here.


(Removes apron and hands it to CHRISSY)

I quit.  I’m going home.  Thank you.  Nice talking to you, Ed.

(ED waves as JUDY runs out the back, just before BOB and CECILE enter.  CHRISSY stands with the apron in her hands, stunned, until BOB speaks)


Table for two, please?



Sure.  Follow me…

(Turns to lead BOB and CECILE to a table in the dining area.  Lights fade)


At Rise:

(It’s now dark outside.  A full moon is shining brightly and CHRISSY is standing at front entrance with sweater and purse in hand.  PEARL is closing her register and ED is folding his newspaper)


Crazy day, right?  I saw more excitement here today than I’ve seen all year!

(PEARL doesn’t look up from the money she’s counting, just grunts)


I agree.  Does seem a little dull around here sometimes.


Must not be too dull for you, you can’t seem to find much else to do these days except hang around here!


(Steps out of door, almost shouting)

Good night Ed!  See you tomorrow Pearl!


                   (Not speaking until sure CHRISSY is gone)

Why don’t you go home, get a sleeping bag, and camp out on the sidewalk there so when she gets here in the morning, she’ll know for sure that you’re after me.


                   (Laughs very loudly)

That girl doesn’t suspect a thing!  And anyway when are you going to stop caring?


You know I can hardly bear to listen to her mouth run as it is.

(Turns toward ED)

Can you –


Imagine?  Yes, I think I can.

(Both laugh and exit.  PEARL locks the door, then the couple exits stage right as the lights fade)




In Drama on February 11, 2011 at 6:13 pm

Untitled Play (Draft)


1900’s, rural America.  A dilapidated home is being restored.


Boss- A large man with a tiny personality.  Has an authoritative relationship with Insecure and Idiot, yet is prone to jocular complaints about their working pace.

Insecure- A man with a constant look of surprise on his face, and a shiny bald spot on the top of his head where he compulsively rubs it.

Idiot- The youngest of the three men, he is the least skilled worker and generally uncouth.

Act One

Boss, Insecure and Idiot are approaching the house on foot.  Their tools clank against each other, and they leave a wake of dust.

Idiot- I know you took it, you won’t ever change my mind.

Insecure-  If I had took it, do you think I would have been able to keep it hidden all this time?  There’s nothing any of us have that the others don’t know about.  Always been that way.

Idiot- That’s why you buried it in a hole out in the yard, just like a squirrel.

Boss- (to Idiot) You’re the one that’ll be looking like a squirrel; you do every time there’s a job to be done and I look out the window to see your head bopping up and down looking for a way to avoid work.

Idiot- (to Insecure) I want you to know that I hold a mighty amount of resentment toward you.  So much that when I think of what you stole from me, I could hit you right in the mouth.

Boss- (under his breath) You’re not supposed to give in to those urges…

Insecure- Is this the place, Boss?

Boss- Yep, this is it.  Idiot, you get in there and start ripping out the floor panels.  Now, I’ve just instructed you to destroy something.  This could really be your chance to shine.  Insecure, I want you to follow behind and drag the old material far out in the pasture.  Start us a burn pile.

Insecure and Idiot- Yes sir.

Act Two

Boss is cracking and pulling down rotted wood on the exterior of the house.  A cacophony of materials banging, splitting and striking comes from within the house, where Insecure and Idiot are still at work.

Idiot- Boy! Why are you using that hammer?  A pick ax would work better.

Insecure- (looks up from his work) Why don’t you mind your own business?

Idiot- Is that look on your face supposed to support what you just said?  Why don’t you show me your mean face?

Insecure- Mama always told me that I had discerning eyes.

Idiot- Mama always told you what?  Disconcerting lies?

Boss- (entering interior of house) Well, what is the big rush boys?  I’ve already prepped all the outside walls, and I come inside to find you two have barely finished a single insult.

Possum falls from rafters, very near to Idiot’s person, then scampers out a hole in wall.

Idiot- (high pitched scream)

Hearty laughter from Boss and Insecure.

Insecure- Oh! Is that the look you always pick on me for wearing?

Boss- Don’t give him too much grief, Insecure.  It’s nature’s way that possums dominate squirrels!

Idiot-  Don’t see how you can scold me every time we work.  The first chance you get to say something clever you forget all about the job at hand.

Boss- Not for long, though.  The lumber will be here in the morning.  Let’s wrap up and head home.  It’ll be a long day tomorrow.

Insecure and Idiot- Yes sir.

Act Three

The sun is setting on the second day of work.  The house shows much improvement.  The three men are completing their burn pile, dragging damaged wood and flinging broken tools toward it.

Boss- I still can’t believe they think they can get away with delivering such poor quality lumber.

Insecure- Well, they already got your money, didn’t they boss?

Boss- They certainly did, but I intend to go into town next week and demand a significant difference back.  Pick a good sample out to carry with us.

Idiot- Why are you telling him to pick a good sample?  They won’t be inclined to give any money back if you prove the lumber was good.

Boss- I’m telling him to pick a sample that will benefit my case, dimwit!  Is that all the old lumber?  I want no scraps left in this yard.

Insecure- Yes sir, boss.  I’ll make another round to be certain.

Boss- (to Idiot) And since when exactly do you have the authority to light the burn pile?!  You know I don’t like you boys playing with fire.  Old Boss takes care of that.

Idiot vehemently sets a can of lighter fluid on the ground where he stands, mumbling under his breath.

Boss- Of all the people in the world, I get the high honor of keeping you two reigned in and productive.

Insecure- Well Boss, you must be the best man for the job.  No other crew gets as much work as we do these days.  Where are we going next?  How many miles will we have to cover?

Boss-  Next job is outside a town called Sitka, and it’ll be a lot of miles to get there.

Boss surveys the burn pile, making sure it’s sufficiently isolated.  He strikes a match, and sets it to the pile.  The three men move out of sight as the refuse is engulfed in flame.