This blog is named for two of my Grandmothers, each named Mary.  Neither one of them was ever famous; however, the Madonna/Whore dichotomy is.  As I was creating this blog for a creative writing class, I was surprised to find the name was available at all.  I am often disappointed in the disinterest people show toward things like the famous dichotomy, the history of woman’s suffrage, and sexist advertising methods run amok.

From my childhood days on a cattle ranch in Kansas, to my more recent experiences-  such as attending President Obama’s inauguration-  I’ve been exposed to a wide variety of perspectives on the life and times of modern women.  These are the experiences I will draw from as I produce work over the course of the semester.

  1. This will be good work. For hyour study on the two Marys make sure to draw comparisons between Mary the Mother and Mary the Magdalene.
    Read the Gnostic gospels, they will give you much inspiration.

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