exercise, p. 298

In Journal on April 27, 2011 at 9:20 pm

Developing a dramatic premise for “The Tortoise and the Hare”

Premise- Plodding wins the race.

Based on the ideas that- 1. Boasting does not win races, or anything else, and 2. If a person is boastful, he or she will be defeated by those who work slowly, with diligence and humility.

Scene 1- Tortoise’s morning at home.  Must rise very early in order to eat breakfast and get ready for school.  Has very long lists of tasks to complete and a large calendar he uses to track school work.  Very type A and a health nut.  Rides the bus to school.

Scene 2- Hare’s morning at home, opens with Hare jumping out of bed upon realizing that he is late for school.  Struggles to find what he needs for school, his caffeine pills, and his keys.  Angry, he decides to run all the way to school instead.

Scene 3- In the school’s courtyard, before the first bell.  Hare has run all the way, and is arriving just as Tortoise is getting off the bus.  Hare is tired and clumsy, and knocks Tortoise off the curb as he passes him.  Hare doesn’t stop to help, but crosses the yard to brag to his friends about the distance he had run that morning.  Tortoise has righted himself and makes his way toward Hare.  Tortoise approaches just in time to hear Hare’s call for a challenger.  Confident with anger, Tortoise accepts.

Scene 4- Group moves to the school’s track for the race.  Hare speeds ahead of Tortoise, who is reciting his multiplication tables as he moves.  Hare runs completely out of sight of Tortoise, and doubles over.  He’s having heart palpitations due to all the excitement and his long time addiction to caffeine pills.  He is confident that he will have time to lay down and take a nap before Tortoise rounds the entire track.

Scene 5- Hare wakes to Tortoise about to finish.  He tries to win, but it’s too late.  Hare is stunned and reacts wildly.  A teacher approaches just in time to see Hare bouncing around Tortoise, slapping his shell and shouting for him to “come out of there!”

Scene 6- Hare is given after school detention.  He can see Tortoise board the bus after school through a window.


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